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The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre performs not only in Amsterdam, but also in bigger theatres, concert halls, opera houses and even castles abroad. Operasingers and musicians - who play on period instruments - often travel with us. Most of our plays can be performed in several languages.
We performed at music- and operafestivals in Russia, Germany, Italy and France.
Musical director: Vaughan Schlepp or Frédérique Chauvet / Barokopera Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre offers a variety of programs, all suited for a wide audience: adults and children (8+), opera-lovers and fans of the marionette theatre.

Die Zauberflote / La Flute Enchantée
opera by W.A. Mozart

The amazing journey of Doctor Faust
'pasticcio' with music by Gounod, Offenbach, Wagner,
Marenco and Hervé

The Castle in the Air (Le 66!)
opera-comique by J. Offenbach

Bastien & Bastienne
first opera by W.A. Mozart ('pastoral)

The Theatre Director (Der Schauspieldirektor)
short comic opera by W.A. Mozart

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july 2010 and july 2006
Opéra d'Été (Dijon, Théatre de Bourgogne)

april 2006
Festival ‘Mozart delle Marionette’
Piccolo Teatro Milano & Centro Lucia Brescia

november 2005
Opéra d'Avignon, La Flute Enchantee
with Barokopera Amsterdam

summer 2004
Opéra d'Eté Dinard / Treguier, La Flute Enchantee
with Barokopera Amsterdam

summer 2003 and winter 2001
Opéra de Rennes , Bastien et Bastienne et Le 66! (2001 with Barokopera Amsterdam)

summer 2001
Opéra d'Été (Dijon en Sémur-en-Auxois)

1989 - 2000
Russia, Italy, Germany, France