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The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre performed not only in Amsterdam, but also in bigger theatres, concert halls, opera houses and even castles abroad. Operasingers and musicians - who play on period instruments - accompanied us.
We performed at music- and operafestivals in Russia, Germany, Italy and France.
Musical director: Vaughan Schlepp or Frédérique Chauvet / Barokopera Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre offers a variety of programs, all suited for a wide audience: adults and children (8+), opera-lovers and fans of the marionette theatre.

Die Zauberflote / La Flute Enchantée
opera by W.A. Mozart

The amazing journey of Doctor Faust
'pasticcio' with music by Gounod, Offenbach, Wagner,
Marenco and Hervé

The Castle in the Air (Le 66!)
opera-comique by J. Offenbach

Bastien & Bastienne
first opera by W.A. Mozart ('pastoral)

The Theatre Director (Der Schauspieldirektor)
short comic opera by W.A. Mozart


july 2010 and july 2006
Opéra d'Été (Dijon, Théatre de Bourgogne)

april 2006
Festival ‘Mozart delle Marionette’
Piccolo Teatro Milano & Centro Lucia Brescia

november 2005
Opéra d'Avignon, La Flute Enchantee
with Barokopera Amsterdam

summer 2004
Opéra d'Eté Dinard / Treguier, La Flute Enchantee
with Barokopera Amsterdam

summer 2003 and winter 2001
Opéra de Rennes , Bastien et Bastienne et Le 66! (2001 with Barokopera Amsterdam)

summer 2001
Opéra d'Été (Dijon en Sémur-en-Auxois)

1989 - 2000
Russia, Italy, Germany, France